Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Cold-Mount 1 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

CM1is our low cost ultra aggressive adhesive. It consists of an opaque white center, or carrier, coated on two sides with Coda's CM1 adhesive formulation The adhesive has one heavy paper release liner. The very smooth opaque white adhesive is suitable for most mounting situations The extremely even nature of this adhesive makes it especially appropriate for very thin graphic materials and high gloss materials. It will minimize the "orange peel" effect often seen with other adhesives when working with images with a high gloss surface. The white center to this adhesive is somewhat spongy, allowing it to bridge over the high and low spots in substrates. This yields a smoother finish than can be achieved with other adhesives. The adhesive is very aggressive It has been engineered to form an especially tight bond with most standard mounting substrates It is especially compatible with "low energy", difficult to bond to surfaces, such as plastic (Styrene) surfaces expanded PVC (e g. Sintra), and all Gatorfoam surfaces.
In contrast to some "low cost" adhesives with very thin carriers and release liners CM1 has a thick carrier that is resistant to stretching during application. The release liner is a thick poly coated silicone paper This liner resists puckering from high moisture in humid climates. The thick liner makes it difficult to "stretch" the adhesive web with excessive feed tension during application This eliminates the wrinkling and folding that can happen with very thin carrier based adhesives (Note This adhesive is supplied on 3" cores. The adhesive is wound with the exposed side in.)
Single Release White Adhesive

Similar to Single Release Adhesive, Single Release White Adhesive has an opaque white plastic carrier. When applied to dark boards this adhesive provides a white surface that preserves white highlights in prints. It is softer and thicker, yielding a smoother surface to mount on than the original substrate. It is particularly recommended for dark substrates such as Hardboard, and is ideal for applying to Gatorfoam and expanded PVC mounts.

Single Release Clear Adhesive

Single Release Adhesive is a pH neutral double faced permanent adhesive. It has one heavy poly coated paper release liner. It provides a very convenient method for coating boards or applying an adhesive to the back of a print.

Double Release Adhesive

Double Release Adhesive is a very thin clear plastic coated on both faces with a smooth clear permanent pH neutral adhesive.  Both sides are protected with a heavy poly coated paper release liner.  This is an excellent choice for general mounting tasks.  It is well adapted to center-mounting prints and graphics on larger matte boards.

Transparency Adhesive

Transparency Adhesive is an ultra smooth super clear double release adhesive designed for use when the adhesive will be in front of the image, such as face mounting to plexiglass.  It has two extremely smooth plastic release liners and is optically clear.