Pressure Sensitive Overlaminates

Our pressure sensitive overlaminate films protect and enhance graphics.
Laminated graphics last longer and look better.

Coda offers premium quality, overlaminate films that are easy to use with any pressure-sensitive or heat-assist laminator. The laminates are available in a variety of smooth and textured surfaces.

Cold-Mount® overlaminate films are available in standard width rolls that can be slit to your specifications. Sheeted laminate films are also available.


Glossy (Poly) has an extremely smooth, polyester release liner that provides the laminate with a very high gloss surface. This gives the laminated graphic deeper color saturation and a more brilliant look.

Polyester / 2 mils thick (Available in rolls only)

Matte Overlam provides a very “flat”, non-glare surface that eliminates reflection on the image’s surface. It also diffuses the image slightly, producing a “soft focus” effect.

Polyester / 4 mils thick


Erasable Overlam has a smooth semi-gloss surface that is designed to be written on with dry erase markers. Marker ink will wipe clean without leaving a “ghost” image behind.

Polypropylene / 2 mils thick